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The Genome Center holds a symposium on the 14th Five-Year Plan
Date:2021-04-14   View:

On the morning of April 14, the International Genome Center held the 14th Five-Year Plan Symposium at 2102, Building 3 of the School of Medicine. The meeting was presided over by the Executive Director, Professor Su Zhaoliang, and specially invited reappointers, Professor Xu Huaxi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Medicine Shen Xuemei, Director of the Party Affairs Office of the School of Medicine Shen Yao, and Disciplinary Inspector of the School of Medicine Liao Ting attended the symposium. All teachers and student representatives of the center attended the symposium.

Director Su Zhaoliang first introduced the opinions put forward by the school leaders when participating in the school’s 14th Five-Year Plan. Then everyone spoke freely and put forward their opinions and suggestions on the center's 14th Five-Year Plan. In terms of content, Professor Xu Huaxi proposed that the center's target positioning should be more accurate, based on the current situation of the center, but also considering long-term development and highlighting its characteristics. Teachers Shen Yao and Teacher Liao Ting proposed to combine the latest documents and spirit of the school in the part of party building. In terms of language, Secretary Shen suggested that the writing of the 13th Five-Year Summary should be more "realistic", the level of the whole article should be clearer, and the language should be more refined. Teacher Biying Zhao put forward a suggestion to reduce colloquial expression and express more professionally.

After nearly two hours of heated discussions, this symposium came to a successful conclusion. Director Su Zhaoliang made a concluding speech and expressed his gratitude to everyone for their suggestions. He will further revise the center’s 14th Five-Year Plan and implement relevant measures in future development to promote better and faster development of the center.

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