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The International genome Center held the theme event of " Integrity and Civilization for the Dragon Boat Festival "
Date:2021-06-08   View:

In order to promote the morality of teachers in the new era, regulate professional behaviors, the International genome Center held the theme activity of "Integrity and Civilization for the Dragon Boat Festival" in 2102, Building 3 of the Medical College on the afternoon of June 8. The activity was hosted by Liu Hui, deputy director of the office, and all teachers of the center participated.

Director Liu first notified the 6 typical cases reported on the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission. Then led everyone to earnestly study the seven requirements of the letter of commitment of "Integrity and Civilization for the Dragon Boat Festiva", and finally everyone solemnly signed the letter of commitment.

At the end of the event, Su Zhaoliang, the executive director of the center, asked the teachers of the center to consciously abide by the terms of the letter of commitment, enhance their sense of integrity, keep their heads clear, and keep the alarm bells ringing.

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