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Four postdocs of our Center won Jiangsu Province excell... 2022-06-23
International Genome Center successfully held "Little S... 2021-11-14
International genome Center held a summer safety work c... 2021-07-03
The International Genome Center organizes a meeting wat... 2021-07-01
The International genome Center held the theme event of... 2021-06-08
The Genome Center holds a symposium on the 14th Five-Ye... 2021-04-14
The Genome Center holds the theme activity of "Charming... 2021-03-08
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Postdoctoral or faculty position in plant bioti...
Postdoc position in plant-microbe interactions
Faculty position in plant-microbe interactions ...
Postdoc or faculty positions in plant-pathogen ...
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Seminars in "Frontiers in life sciences"
Topic: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of cell polarity under normal and disease conditionsLecture time and place: 8:30 on June 26, Tencent conference number 872-820-407Expert Profile: Yang Hong, Associate Professor of Cell Biology, University of Pittsburgh School of MedicineResearch Expertise: Using Drosophila, cultured cells, and animal models to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechani...
Prof. Zhaoliang Su' s research team revealed a ...
Prof. Zhaoliang Su' s research teamrevealed a novel mechanism of Cardiac resident macrophage renewal after heart injuryJune 5th, 2020, European Journal of Immunology published...
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