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Introduction about International Genome Center of Jiangsu University


International Genome Center of Jiangsu University is a new state-of-the-art research institution with world-class researchers, a strong academic reputation, and multidisciplinary characteristics. It was established in response to the university's recruitment of Professor Kok Gan CHAN from the University of Malaysia, with the goal of developing our school's first-class disciplines and promoting the development of our university's high-level research.

Adhering to the development concept of "seeking truth, exploring, and innovating," the center focuses on genomics research, deepening the in-depth integration of industry, education, and research and expanding international horizons. Aiming for the frontiers of international science and technology, the center conducts scientific research on environmental gene polymorphism, the impact of environment-gene interaction on the occurrence of diseases, and the gene regulation mechanism of cell fate determination. Hence, this institute will contribute to Jiangsu's development as a strong, prosperous, and high-tech province.

There are five professors in the center (3 for the Jinshan Specially-appointed Professors in the short-term project);1 selected for the **** One Hundred Talents Program; 1 designated for the second-level "333 High-level Talent Training Project" of Jiangsu Province; 1 appointed for the six talent peaks project of Jiangsu Province; 2 chairmen of the provincial and municipal academic committees; nearly 30 young and middle-aged talents, teaching assistants, postdocs, Ph.D., and master students. The National Natural Science Foundation of China has approved over 20 projects, as well as scientific research initiatives at or above the provincial and ministerial levels. Two monographs and one undergraduate textbook have been published. Over 40 peer-reviewed high quality articles in journals such as Mol Plant, Trends Parasitol, Nat Commun, Oncogene, and Cell Death Differ have been published. Extensive cooperations have been established with internationally renowned universities such as the University of Western Ontario in Canada, the University of Hong Kong, the University of Verona in Italy, the University of South Carolina in the United States, and many other universities companies and hospitals. In the future, the center will continue to adhere to its developmental concept of "seeking truth, exploration, and innovation" and make progress in the field of genomics, optimize international features, and consolidate industry-university-research cooperation.  International Genome Center will strive to become a high-level research center with high visibility and influence at home and abroad in a relatively short period.

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