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The Genome Center holds the theme activity of "Charming March, Thanks for You"
Date:2021-03-08   View:

March is a day when spring is strong; March is a day for women. It is still cold, the sun is shining every day, and we are busy and toiling, and we also ushered in the annual International Women's Day "March 8th". In order to further stimulate the passion for scientific research of female compatriots who love their jobs and work hard, and give full play to the role of "half the sky", the Genome Center launched the "Charm March, Thank you for having you "Activity. All teachers and students of the center participated in this activity.

On behalf of the center, Su Zhaoliang, the executive director of the center, extended festive greetings and blessings to everyone, and hoped that in this female festival, the "goddess" of our center could relax, be romantic, and express their feelings and feelings to their heart's content.

This activity not only enriched the life of the center, but also harmonized the relationship between teachers, students, teachers and students, and strengthened the cohesion. By adjusting the body and mind, everyone will definitely devote themselves to scientific research with more energy and high morale

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