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Electrical safety rules
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Like almost every other workplace, laboratories contain electronic equipment. Electrical safety rules help prevent the misuse of electronic instruments, electric shocks and other injuries, and ensure that any damaged equipment, cords, or plugs are reported to the appropriate authorities so they can be repaired or replaced.

  1. Before using any high voltage equipment (voltages above 50Vrms ac and 50V dc), make sure you get permission from your lab supervisor.

  1. High voltage equipment should never be changed or modified in any way.

  1. Always turn off a high voltage power supply when you are attaching it.

  1. Use only one hand if you need to adjust any high voltage equipment.  It's safest to place your other hand either behind your back or in a pocket.

  1. Make sure all electrical panels are unobstructed and easily accessible.

  1. Whenever you can, avoid using extension cords.

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