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Chemical safety rules
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Since almost every lab uses chemicals of some sort, chemical safety rules are a must. Following these policies helps employees avoid spills and other accidents, as well as damage to the environment outside of the lab. These rules also set a clear procedure for employees to follow in the event that a spill does occur, in order to ensure it is cleaned up properly and injuries are avoided.

  1. Every chemical should be treated as though it were dangerous.

  1. Do not allow any solvent to come into contact with your skin.

  1. All chemicals should always be clearly labeled with the name of the substance, its concentration, the date it was received, and the name of the person responsible for it.

  1. Before removing any of the contents from a chemical bottle, read the label twice.

  1. Never take more chemicals from a bottle than you need for your work.

  1. Do not put unused chemicals back into their original container.

  1. Chemicals or other materials should never be taken out of the laboratory.

  1. Chemicals should never be mixed in sink drains.

  1. Flammable and volatile chemicals should only be used in a fume hood.

  1. If a chemical spill occurs, clean it up right away.

  1. Ensure that all chemical waste is disposed of properly.

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