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The Communist Party Branch of the International Genome Center successfully held the "Little Scientist" Life Class Science Popularization Activity
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    In order to enhance children's life awareness and cultivate children's strong interest in life sciences, the Communist Party Branch of the International Genome Center and the Dayushan campus of Zhongshan Road Primary School jointly created a series of science activities for "Little Scientists" life classrooms. The first phase of popular science activities combined with the research features of the Gene Center, with the theme of "understanding genes", will be held at the International Genomics Research Center of Jiangsu University on the afternoon of October 31, 2020. 22 students from the Dayushan campus of Zhongshan Road Primary School and related teachers and teachers and students from the Gene Center participated in the event.

    The activity consists of three parts: a small gene class, an experiment "DNA extraction and protein separation", and a group discussion "what qualities do scientists need". At the beginning of the activity, Professor Su Zhaoliang, Executive Director of the Gene Center, delivered a speech to welcome the arrival of the students and emphasized the safety requirements. In the gene class, teacher Xia Lin introduced the basic knowledge of genes to the students in vivid language. In the experiment part, teacher Liu Fang first introduced the experimental process and principles, and further emphasized the safety requirements. Before entering the laboratory, students and teachers put on experimental protective clothing, gloves and masks, and enter the laboratory in an orderly manner to start the experiment. Then, under the guidance of Liu Fang and Chen Jian, and with the assistance of postgraduate teachers, the students performed DNA extraction and protein electrophoresis experiments, fully demonstrating their enthusiasm for experiments and excellent hands-on ability. After nearly two hours of experiment, all students successfully completed the experiment operation. After the experiment, teacher Liu Hui led the students to think about the question of "what qualities does a scientist need" based on the experience of the experiment, discuss it in small groups and recommend students to share with each group. "Strict scientific attitude, meticulous observation ability, fear of failure, unity and cooperation..." The students boldly shared their views. Finally, teacher Liu Hui used Qian Xuesen's story to inspire patriotism, one of the most important qualities of a scientist that the students ignored, and encouraged everyone to slowly cultivate these qualities from now on.




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