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Themed Party day activity: Walking into Zhenjiang Museum
Date:2022-05-20   View:

On May 18, International Museum Day, Zhao Biying, Secretary of the Party Branch of the International Genome Center of Jiangsu University, led all the Party members and teachers of the center to enter the Zhenjiang Museum to carry out themed Party day activities. The Party day activities are divided into two parts: one is to walk into the Zhenjiang Museum and experience the charm of Zhenjiang's long history and rich cultural heritage. The second is to read the "Red Family Rules" to inherit and carry forward the red family traditions and family rules of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries.

Zhenjiang Museum is a comprehensive museum of local history and an interpreter of Zhenjiang's three thousand years of history and civilization. Zhenjiang Museum is divided into two parts: the new exhibition hall and the old museum area, realizing the dialogue between the past and the present, and the integration of China and the West.

Through the precious objects, detailed materials, vivid pictures and realistic scenes in the new exhibition hall, all the staff learned about the history of the Communist Party of China's revolutionary struggle, development and construction on the land of Zhenjiang.



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