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Post-doctoral researcher
(International Genome Center, Jiangsu University, China)


A highly motivated young Ph.D. with the long term aims of achieving an academic research career. Proficient in molecular biology, CRSIPR/Cas9 genome editing, transgenic plants generation and protein biochemistry. The recent focus of my research is exploring the mechanism of plant-pathogen interactions and is crops improvement using latest genome editing techniques including development of stress tolerant plants, biofortification and hybrid development.

2016-2021  Ph.D. Plant Biology, University of Science & Technology of China.
2012-2014  M.Phil. Biotechnology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
2007-2011  BS Biotechnology, Gomal University, D.I. Khan, Pakistan.

2023-to date  Post-doctoral researcher, International Genome Center, Jiangsu University
2016-2021    Ph.D. Scholar, University of Science & Technology of China
        Ph.D. Dissertation Title: “SWR1 Complex is Involved in Rice Height and Tiller Number”
2014-2016    Junior Scientific Officer, Qarshi Industries Pvt. Ltd., Haripur, Pakistan.
2012-2014    M.Phil. Scholar, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad Pakistan
        M.Phil. Dissertation Title: “DNA barcoding of Family Apiaceae using conserved gene sequences”.
2011-2012    Microbiologist, Fozon Pharmaceuticals Peshawar, Pakistan

● Gene isolation and cloning, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
● Genome editing of plants (Rice, Wheat, Arabidopsis and Maize) through CRISPR/CAS9
 -Target selection, Cas9 Vector construction, transformation & regeneration through tissue culturing, Genotyping, Heterozygous characterization, Vector free lines selection etc.
 -Using different CRISPR Cas tools e.g.,, CRISPR-P v2.0, CRISPR-GE (Genome Editing) - Liu YG Lab
 -MMEJ-KO, DSDecodeM, IDT Codon Optimization Tool
● T-DNA mutants' characterization
● Protein expression & purification, Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE), Wester blotting
● Protein-Protein interaction assays (Pull down, CoIP, Y2H, BiFC etc.)
● Protein-DNA interaction assays (EMSA, ITC etc.)
● RNA extraction, qPCR, Gene expression analysis etc.
● Protoplast isolation and transformation, Florescent and Confocal microscopy,
● Stress biology, plant-pathogen interactions, biotic-abiotic stress, effector sbiology
● Phylogenetic trees construction and interpretation, Searching various databases e.g., NCBI (GenBank, PubMed, Gene, Genome, Protein),, RAP-DB, RGAP etc.
● Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Windows, Software installation, management & trouble shooting, GraphPad, SPSS etc.
● Clinical Microbiology including pure culture isolation from clinical samples identification and sensitivity testing
● Skills of writing research papers, synopsis and reports

● English, Chinese, Urdu, Pashto

Cao, Y.*, Ikram, A. U.*, Chen, J., Sun, Z., & Chen, J. (2023). The marksman: Bioactivated nematicides selectively kill plant‐parasitic nematodes. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology (IF 11.4), 65(10), 2239-2241. (Co-first author)
Khan, M. S. S.*, Ahmed, S.*, Ikram, A. U.*, Hannan, F., Yasin, M. U., Wang, J., ... & Chen, J. (2023). Phytomelatonin: A key regulator of redox and phytohormones signaling against biotic/abiotic stresses. Redox Biology (IF 11.40), 102805. (Co-first author)
Ikram A.U., Zhang F, Xu Z, Li E, Xue G, Wang S, Zhang C, Yang Y, Su Y, Ding Y. Chromatin remolding factors OsYAF9 and OsSWC4 interact to promote internode elongation in rice. Plant Physiology (IF 7.40), 188(4), 2199-2214.
Wang, S., Zhang, F., Jiang, P., Zhang, H., Zheng, H., Chen, R., Xu, Z., Ikram, A. U., Li, E., Xu, Z., Fan, J. #, Su, Y. #, & Ding, Y. # (2021). SDG128 is involved in maize leaf inclination. The Plant Journal (IF 7.2), 108(6), 1597-1608.
Ikram, A.U., Ding, Y. #, & Su, Y. # (2021). OsARP6 Is Involved in Internode Elongation by Regulating Cell-Cycle-Related Genes. Biomolecules (IF 5.5), 11(8), 1100.
Jiang, P., Wang, S., Ikram, A.U., Xu, Z., Jiang, H., Cheng, B. #, & Ding, Y. # (2018). SDG721 and SDG705 are required for rice growth. Journal of integrative plant biology (IF 11.40), 60(7), 530-535.
Ikram, A.U., Zahra, N.B., Shinwari, Z.K. & Qaiser, M. (2015). Ethnomedicinal review of folklore medicinal plants belonging to family Apiaceae of Pakistan. Pak. J. Bot. (IF 1.2), 47(3), 1007-1014.
Hussain, A., Ahmad, N., Qarshi, I.A., Rashid, M., Shinwari, Z.K. & Ikram, A.U. (2015). Inhibitory potential of nine Mentha species against pathogenic bacterial strains. Pak. J. Bot. (IF 1.2), 47(6).

Jiangsu excellent post-doctoral award 2023
CAS TWAS President Fellowship for Ph.D. in China
Gold medalist (BS Biotechnology) from Gomal University DI Khan

Yong Ding, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Biological Sciences
University of Science & Technology of China
443 Huangshang Road Hefei, Anhui 230027 China
Tel: +86-551-63601317
Jian Chen
International Genome Center,
Jiangsu University, China
Email: jianchen (at)
Prof. Zabta K. Shinwari
T.I., S.I.; UNESCO Laureate
Prof. Emeritus, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad-Pakistan.
Dr. Adnan Amin
Director, Associate Professor
Gomal Centre of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Faculty of Pharmacy, Gomal University, D.I.Khan, KPK, Pakistan
Tel: +92-966-750424-29

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