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Manli Na
Date:2021-09-30   View:

I. Personal information

Name: Manli Na
  Highest academic degree: Ph.D

Research fields: Microbial infection and inflammation

II. Education background

2000.9-2004.7   College of Life   Science, Northeast Normal University, Bachelor of Biotechnology
  2004.9-2007.7   Xinyuan Institute of Medicine and Biotechnology,   Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Master of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  2008.2-2013.2 Biomedicine Center, Institution of Clinical Sciences, Lund   University, Ph.D of Biomedicine and Molecular Medicine

III. Academic background

2007.2-2008.2  Biomedicine Center,   Institution of Clinical Sciences, Lund University. International Exchange   Students

2014.6-2015.12 Department Rheumatology   and Inflammation Research in University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Post-doc   fellowship

2016.1-2017.12 Department Rheumatology   and Inflammation Research in University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Laboratory   Supervisor
  2018.9-2020.12 Department Rheumatology and Inflammation Research in   University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Assistant professor

2021.8-Now Jiangsu University, International   Genome Center. PI

V. Publications:

(1)      Manli   Na,   Zhicheng Hu, Majd Mohammad, Mariana do Nascimento Stroparo,   Abukar Ali, Ying Fei, Anders Jarneborn, Peter Verhamme, Olaf Schneewind,   Dominique M. Missiakas, Tao Jin. The von   Willebrand factor-binding protein determines the joint-invading   capacity of staphylococcus aureus - a core   mechanism of septic arthritis. mBIO. 2020 Nov 17;11(6):e02472-20. doi: 10.1128/mBio.02472-20. PMID: 33203754.

(2)        Manli Na, Majd Mohammad, Ying Fei, Wanzhong Wang,   André Holdfeldt, Huamei Forsman, Abukar Ali, Rille Pullerits, Tao Jin. Lack of   Receptor for Advanced Glycation end Products leads to less severe   staphylococcal skin infection but more skin abscesses and prolonged wound healing.   Journal of Infectious   Diseases. 2018 Jul 24;218(5):791-800. PMID:   29329449.

(3)        Manli Na, Wanzhong Wang, Ying Fei, Elisabet Josefsson, Abukar   Ali, Tao Jin. Both anti-TNF and CTLA4-Ig treatments attenuate the disease   severity of staphylococcal dermatitis in mice. PLoS One. 2017 Mar 6;   12(3): e0173492. PMID: 28264025.

(4)        Manli Na, Anders Jarneborn, Abukar Ali, Amanda   Welin, Malin Magnusson, Anna Stokowska, Marcela Pekna, Tao Jin. Deficiency of the complement component 3   but not factor B aggravates Staphylococcal aureus septic arthritis in   mice. Infection and Immunity. 2016 Mar 24;84(4):930-9. PMID: 26787717.

(5)        Manli Na, Dongfeng Chen, Bo Holmqvist, Liang Ran,   Jie Jin, Johan Rebetz, Xiaolong Fan. Adenovirus assembly is impaired by   BMI1-related histone deacetylation activity. Virology, 2014, 456-457:   227-237. PMID: 24889242.

(6)        Manli Na, and Xiaolong Fan. Design of Ad5F35   vectors for coordinated dual gene expression in candidate human hematopoietic   stem cells. Experimental Hematology, 2010, 38(6): 446–452. PMID: 20303383.

(7)        Marco Maugeri,   Muhammad Nawaz, Alexandros Papadimitriou, Annelie Angerfors, Alessandro   Camponeschi, Manli Na, Mikko Hölttä, Pia Skantze, Svante   Johansson, Martina Sundqvist, Johnny Lindquist, Tomas Kjellman, Inga-Lill   Mårtensson, Tao Jin, Per Sunnerhagen, Sofia Östman, Lennart Lindfors, Hadi   Valadi. Linkage between endosomal escape of LNP-mRNA and loading into EVs for   transport to other cells. Nature Communications. 2019 Sep 24;   10(1):4333. PMID: 31551417.

(8)        Emma Boldock, Bas G J   Surewaard, Daria Shamarina, Manli Na, Ying Fei, Abukar Ali,   Alexander Williams, Eric J G Pollitt, Piotr Szkuta, Paul Morris, Tomasz K   Prajsnar, Kathy D McCoy, Tao Jin, David H Dockrell, Jos A G van Strijp, Paul   Kubes, Stephen A Renshaw, Simon J Foster. Human skin commensals augment   Staphylococcus aureus pathogenesis. Nature Microbiology. 2018   Aug;3(8):881-890. PMID: 30013237.

(9)        Majd Mohammad, Manli   Na, Zhicheng Hu, Minh-thu Nguyen, Pradeep Kumar Kopparapu, Anders   Jarneborn, Anna Karlsson, Abukar Ali, Rille Pullerits, Friedrich Götz, Tao   Jin. Staphylococcus aureus lipoproteins promote abscess formation in mice,   shielding bacteria from immune killing. Communications Biology. 2021   Mar 30;4(1):432. doi: 10.1038/s42003-021-01947-z. PMID: 33785850.

(10)    Majd Mohammad, Manli   Na, Amanda Welin, Mattias Svensson, Abukar Ali, Malin Magnusson, Tao   Jin, Rille Pullerits. RAGE deficiency impairs the bacterial clearance in   murine staphylococcal sepsis, but has no significant impact on staphylococcal   septic arthritis. PLoS One. 2016 Dec 1; 11(12): e0167287. PMID:   27907047.

(11)    Jakub Kwiecinski, Manli   Na, Anders Jarneborn, Gunnar Jacobsson, Marijke Peetermans, Peter   Verhamme, Tao Jin. Tissue plasminogen activator coating on surface of   implants reduces Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation. Applied And Environmental   Microbiology. 2015 Oct 30; 82(1):394-401. PMID: 26519394.

(12)    Abukar Ali, Manli   Na, Mattias N.D. Svensson, Malin Magnusson, Amanda Welin,   Jan-Christoph Schwarze, Majd Mohammad, Elisabet Josefsson, Rille Pullerits,   Tao Jin. IL-1 receptor antagonist treatment aggravates staphylococcal   septic arthritis and sepsis in mice. PLoS One. 2015 Jul 2; 10(7): e0131645. PMID:26135738.

(13)    Johan Rebetz, Manli Na, Changqing Su, Bo Holmqvist, Anna Edqvist, Cecilia   Nyberg, Bengt Widegren, Leif G. Salford, Hans Olov Sjögren, Niklas Arnberg,   Qijun Qian, and Xiaolong Fan.   Fiber mediated receptor masking in non-infected bystander cells restricts   adenovirus cell killing effect but promotes adenovirus host co-existence. PLoS One, 2009, 4 (12): e8484. PMID: 20041185.

(14)    Changqing Su, Manli   Na, Jie Chen, Xinghua Wang, Yongjing Liu, Weiguo Wang, Qi   Zhang, Linfang Li, Ju Long, Xinyuan Liu, Mengchao Wu, Xiaolong Fan, and Qijun   Qian. Gene-viral cancer therapy using dual-regulated oncolytic adenovirus   with antiangiogenesis gene for increased efficacy. Molecular Cancer   Research, 2008, 6 (4): 568-575. PMID: 18344493.

(15)    Anders Jarneborn,   Majd Mohammad, Cecilia Engdahl, Zhicheng Hu, Manli Na, Abukar   Ali, Tao Jin. Tofacitinib treatment aggravates Staphylococcus aureus septic   arthritis, but attenuates sepsis and enterotoxin induced shock in mice. Scientific   Reports. 2020 Jul 2;10(1):10891. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-67928-0. PMID: 32616791.

(16)    Majd Mohammad,   Minh-Thu Nguyen, Cecilia Engdahl, Manli Na, Anders Jarneborn,   Zhicheng Hu, Anna Karlsson, Rille Pullerits, Abukar Ali, Friedrich Götz, Tao   Jin. The YIN and YANG of lipoproteins in developing and preventing infectious   arthritis by Staphylococcus aureus. PLoS Pathogens. 2019 Jun 21;   15(6):e1007877. PMID: 31226163.

(17)    Majd Mohammad,   Zhicheng Hu, Abukar Ali, Pradeep Kumar Kopparapu, Manli Na,   Anders Jarneborn, Mariana do Nascimento Stroparo, Minh-thu Nguyen, Anna   Karlsson, Friedrich Götz, Rille Pullerits, Tao Jin. The role of   Staphylococcus aureus lipoproteins in hematogenous septic arthritis. Scientific   Reports. 2020 May 13;10(1):7936. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-64879-4.   PMID: 32404866.

(18)    Farah Fatima, Ying   Fei, Abukar Ali, Majd Mohammad, Malin C. Erlandsson, Maria I. Bokarewa,   Muhammad Nawaz, Hadi Valadi, Manli Na, Tao Jin. Radiological   features of experimental staphylococcal septic arthritis by micro computed   tomography scan. PLoS One. 2017 Feb 2; 12(2): e0171222. PMID:   28152087.

(19)    Jakub Kwiecinski, Marijke Peetermans, Laurens Liesenborghs, Manli Na, Halla Björnsdottir, Xuefeng Zhu, Gunnar Jacobsson, Bengt R.   Johansson, Joan A. Geoghegan, Timothy J. Foster, Elisabet Josefsson, Johan   Bylund, Peter Verhamme, Tao Jin. Staphylokinase control of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation and   detachment through host plasminogen activation. Journal of Infectious   Diseases. 2016 Jan 1; 213(1):139-48. PMID: 26136471.

(20)    Jonas Elmwall, Jakub   Kwiecinski, Manli Na, Abukar Ahmed Ali, Veronica Osla, Lindsey   Shaw, Wanzhong Wang, Karin Sävman, Elisabet Josefsson, Johan Bylund, Tao Jin,   Amanda Welin, Anna Karlsson. Galectin-3 is a target for proteases involved in   the virulence of Staphylococcus aureus. Infection and Immunity. 2017   Jun 20;85(7). pii: e00177-17. PMID: 28438975.

(21)    Abukar Ali, Amanda   Welin, Jan-Christoph Schwarze, Mattias N.D. Svensson, Manli Na,   Anders Jarneborn, Malin Magnusson, Majd Mohammad, Jakub Kwiecinski, Elisabet   Josefsson, Johan Bylund, Rille Pullerits, Tao Jin. CTLA4-Ig but not anti-TNF   therapy promotes staphylococcal septic arthritis in mice. Journal of   Infectious Diseases. 2015 Oct 15;212(8):1308-16. PMID: 25838268.

(22)    Dongfeng Chen, Duo   Zuo, Cheng Luan, Min Liu, Manli Na, Liang Ran, Yingyu Sun,   Annette Persson, Elisabet Englund, Leif G. Salford, Erik Renström, Xiaolong   Fan, Enming Zhang. Glioma cell proliferation controlled by ERK   activity-dependent surface expression of PDGFRA. PLoS One, 2014,   9(1): e87281. PMID: 24489888.

(23)    Lin Chen, Dongfeng   Chen, Mouchun Gong, Manli Na, Linfang Li, Hongping Wu, Lihua   Jiang, Yanzhen Qian, Guoen Fang, and Xuchao Xue. Concomitant use of Ad5/35   chimeric oncolytic adenovirus with TRAIL gene and taxol produces synergistic   cytotoxicity in gastric cancer cells. Cancer Letters, 2009, 284(2):   141-148. PMID: 19447545.


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