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International genome Center held a summer safety work conference
Date:2021-07-03   View:

On July 2, 2021, the International genome Center held the 2021 Summer Safety Work Conference in 2102, at Building 3 of the School of Medicine, focusing on arranging laboratory safety work before and during the summer vacation. The meeting was chaired by Executive Director Su Zhaoliang, and all teachers and students attended the meeting.

At the meeting, everyone intensively studied the spirit of the school’s "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Laboratory Safety in the Summer Vacation of 2021 and Before the Summer Vacation". Director Su arranged the epidemic prevention during the holiday, and the laboratory duty, etc., emphasizing Safety issues such as laboratory water and electricity safety, instrument use safety, and student’s personal safety during holidays are discussed.

This summer safety work conference strengthened the safety awareness of teachers and students, strengthened the experimental safety skills, and clarified the safety management norms and procedures.

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