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Kok Gan CHAN
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Academician Professor Dr Kok Gan CHAN, FASc, FRSB (UK), FMSA
University Distinguished Professor & Jinshan Scholar, Jiangsu University, China, & Honorary Director, International Genome Centre, Jiangsu University, China,
Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia, Fellow of the ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology (AAET), Fellow of the Malaysian Scientific Association & Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, UK
Email:, Date of Birth: 22 February 1972, Age: 47, Marital Status: Married, Gender: Male Nationality: Malaysian
2006 PhD (Nottingham University, UK; University of Malaya) (Commonwealth Split–site Scholarship)
2002 1. M.Sc – Master of Science (University of Malaya) – Microbiology
2. LL.M (Merit Honours) – Master of Laws (University of Staffordshire, UK) (International Business law with Merit, specialise in Biotech Patent)
1997 1. B.Sc (Hons) – Bachelor of Science (University of Malaya)
2. LL.B (Hons) – Bachelor of Laws (University of Wolverhampton, UK)
Biodata for Prof. Dr Kok Gan CHAN
Executive Summary of Biodata for Prof. Dr Kok Gan CHAN
Prof Dr Chan is a Commonwealth Scholar, with very rare combination of expertise in laws and science. As of May 2019, Prof Dr Chan’s H-index is 40 with publication of >350 SCI papers, with total citation of >5700 based on Google Scholar ( His cumulative funding received is > USD11.2 millions. He has been awarded the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation Science and Technology Award in 2016. In 2016, a novel genus Chania multitudinisentens gen. nov., sp. nov. is named in honor of him.
He is the only Malaysia to serve as Ad Hoc Technical Expert Committee on biosafety law in CBD, UNEP. In March 2017, Dr Chas has been invited as the advisor to the Joint Research Centre (European Commission) to provide technical advice on the use of NGS to study antimicrobial resistance.
Currently, Prof Dr Chan has supervised >40 postgraduate students (PhD & MSc) and numerous BSc students.
Selected Publication by Prof. Dr Kok Gan CHAN
1. Robson E, YL Lim, WF Yin, WS See-Too, RJ Roberts, Kok-Gan Chan. 2016.
Novel methyltransferase recognition motif identified in Chania multitudinisentens RB-25T gen. nov., sp. nov. Frontiers in Microbiology.
2. XY Chan, KW Hong, WF Yin, Kok-Gan Chan. 2016. Microbiome and biocatalytic bacteria in monkey cup (Nepenthes Pitcher) digestive fluid. Scientific Reports 6: 20016. doi:10.1038/srep20016.
3. G Goh, MD Phan, B Forde, TM Chong, WF Yin, Kok-Gan Chan, G Ulett, M Sweet, S Beatson, M Schembri. 2017. Genomewide discovery of genes required for capsule production by uropathogenic Escherichia coli. mBio. 8:e01558-17
4. LS Bittleston, CJ Wolock, BE Yahya, XY Chan, Kok-Gan Chan, NE Pierce, AP Pringle. 2018. Convergence between the microcosms of Southeast Asian and North American pitcher plants. eLife. 7:e36741 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.36741
5. KO Chua, SL Song, HS Yong, WS See-Too, WF Yin, and Kok-Gan Chan. 2018. Microbial community composition reveals spatial variation and distinctive core microbiome of the weaver ant Oecophylla smaragdina in Malaysia. Scientific Reports. Doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-29159-2.
6. Ee, R., Madhaiyan, M., Ji, L., Lim, Y.L., Nor, N.M., Tee, K.K., Chen, J.W. and Yin, W.F., 2016. Chania multitudinisentens gen. nov., sp. nov., a N-acyl homoserine lactone-producing bacterium in the family of Enterobacteriaceae isolated from a former municipal landfill site soil. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. doi: 10.1099/ijsem.0.001025.
Genus named in honour of Kok-Gan Chan.

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